Three Piece Kitchen Set in Death Cu Mai

Three Piece Kitchen Set in Death Cu Mai


Kitchen Set in Death Cu Mai with Red Wood Burl Handles.

12” cutting edge slicer

10” cutting edge Chefs Knife

4.5” cutting edge paring knife

Death Cu Mai Knives

Cu Mai is derived from the Japanese word Go Mai that means 5 layers. The “Cu” stands for copper. This means 5 layers with copper.

Death Cu Mai as we call it, has a bit more to it than just the normal 5 layers. The core is 1095 high carbon steel. On each side of the core is 94 layer damascus made from 15n20 and 1084. The jacket or outer layer is made of 10 layer copper damascus (copper and 1095). In between each layer is a layer of copper.Each Death Cu Mai billet has about 36-42 hours of work into it.

The damascus and copper damascus have to be made separately prior to making the final billet. The final billet is forge welded together, maintaining a forge temperature of less than 1960 degrees. This is to prevent the copper from melting, which it will do at 1984 degrees. Once the final billet is forge welded together and made to the desired thickness and size. The billet is softened and the shape of the blades can be cut from the billet. They are then profiled and heat treated in a kiln using NJSB specs. for 1095 steel. The blades are tempered to a calculated 62-64 rockwell.