The Apex Predator, Throwing Knife Set

The Apex Predator, Throwing Knife Set


Sold in a set of 3.

These are an Elite series knives! The quality and balance is above board! (pun intended)


Made from 1095 high carbon steel with a professional heat treat and temper. The blades are tempered to a calculated 55 HRC, giving them great durability and significantly reducing the risk of breakage. They have hand ground bevels and a false edge with a sharpt tip. The normal black finish is a hot blueing.

100% made in America! Right here in the Pacific


14.5" overall

4" cross guard

1 lbs 2 oz

Custom Cerikot color options availible! We have two options. Solid single color or solid color blade with a different color of the logo. Please put in the notes how you'd like them done!

No longer offered with WKTL logo or numbers. Please message me if you have questions.